People have often asked me, why do I like photography? Why did I do a degree in photography? Isn’t photography just looking through a piece of glass and pushing a button???

Like many others who have any kind of love or passion for photography they will all agree that it is more than just looking through a piece of glass and pushing a button. 

For me it is photography is bigger than just taking pictures, bigger than just the simple act of taking pictures, it is how photography exposes the extensiveness of human experience, and our past existence. I believe that the one thing that really connects us all together, the one common bond that unites us all is the want to communicate. Throughout the histories of man we have developed ways of communication, the need to tell stories, to tell others of our experiences. Ever since the birth of photography there has been over a century of photographic documentation revealing war and peace, depression and recovery, art and entertainment, leisure and sports. The camera has captured everything from the bizarre incidents of everyday life and to the mundane of everyday life. It has created such a powerful form of communication that it now is such a profound part of everybody’s lives through pictures being taken by camera phones, social media or just from the vastness of images we see everyday that I feel proud to be a part of this community of storytelling through pictures. 

That is why I love photography, I love the fact that even the most of mundane such an unexciting picture has become some of the most prolific images of our photographic history. 

So welcome to my blog, my photographic diary, a musing of my thoughts and images adding to the ever expanding photographic documentation of our world.